Monday, May 30, 2011

Careful! It's contagious

I've been grinding out runs for a while but some time in the last year it got really, really fun.

I can't point to any one moment where it was all of a sudden fun but one day I realized I was really enjoying myself.

It was probably when my cousin, Kyle, started running and we would hook up for our weekly trail miles. Those miles are nice and easy and we can just catch up and shoot the bull.

Then my wife and Kyle's wife decided they wanted in. They both started from ground zero so I know they are not at "Joy" stage yet but they're trying. I really hope Pam can discover the fun so we can sneak off together for some miles.

Everywhere I look, people I know are starting to try this running thing. I know it is not because of me but I hope I can inspire them to keep going through the initial ramp up until they can find their "happy."


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