Monday, May 16, 2011

The Deluge (AKA Kid's Race): a family race report - Part2

Part2 In our family race report

The Kid's Race
Pam's 5K went off fine with no sign of sprinkles. There was about an hour between our finish of the 5K and the Kid's race. About 15min before the Kid's race, the sprinkles started. By the time the race was ready to start, it was raining pretty hard. Everyone stayed in the auditorium until right before the start. We stood outside for about 5min before the start, just to get acclimatized to the rain, you know.

Matthew has smart parents and was told he needed to wear his raincoat for the race. I also have smart parents but they were not present so I was NOT wearing a raincoat.

The race course was 3/4mile around the school grounds. This was much farther than Matthew had ever run so I was going to need to keep him in tortoise rather than his usual hare mode.

The gun actually fired even though it was probably water logged and we set out stomping through the puddles, some of which were easily 6 inches deep. Somewhere along the line, the hard rain turned into a full-on Wrath of God torrent.

Matthew was a trooper and just kept plugging along. He gave the course guides, who were soaked high school girls, high fives on the way by. We ended the race in an all out sprint through about an inch of standing water.

All the kids got finisher's medals which made Matthew's day because now he had a running medal like Daddy. I'm really proud of how well he did on his farthest ever run.

I don't think he even complained but then again it was raining so hard, I'm not sure I could have heard him.

For me, this was probably the most fun I've had running. I'm just glad it was only 3/4 mile because it was only in the low 60s.

Next year, I think we'll see if Matthew wants to do the 5K with us. He could definitely do it.

After the kids race, we all went to the gym to dry off and listen the Mr. Joel (the elementary school music teacher) and his band.

The kids had a blast and rocked out.

It was a terrific day.


BONUS: Matthew's Race day Highlights
  • Getting a race number
  • Playing with Grandma and Grandpa during Mom and Dad's race.
  • Running to the finish line with Mommy, Daddy, and Amanda.
  • Running the kid's race with my friends, Celia and Caitlin, and stomping through the puddles.
  • Getting a medal
  • Listening to Mr. Joel.

Location:Sutton, MA

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