Friday, May 20, 2011

Funky Fridays at Villa Durtyfeets

Music plays a fairly important role in my life though I commute 90min per day and generally don't listen to tunes in the car. That's where I get my right wing talk radio fix.

I find music very helpful with the kids. I'm not talking about generic vanilla kids music either. I'm talking real music. Pandora is a godsend!

It has been a somewhat longstanding tradition in our house to have acoustic Sunday mornings. This is nice relaxing chick music like Norah Jones, etc. I've just recently started Saturday Morning Blues, too.

On weeknights, we use music to cut through the whines and get the kids dancing instead. Calypso, ska, or TMBG is always good for dancing. Other times, it might be 80s hair bands or classic rock. Anything without explicit lyrics.

Incidentally, a whoopie cushion is also really effective for breaking the whining cycle if you are one of the sane people in this world that finds farts funny. People who don't find farts funny are definitely insane. But I digress.....

Tonight, I instituted Funky Fridays. It was really funny to watch a five year old and a one year old bopping to Fantastic Voyage.

So bust out the tunes and get on yer dancing feets. Your kids will enjoy it and you probably will too.


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