Monday, May 2, 2011

Geek Heaven: The analytics of Blogger

I am completely astounded at how cool Blogger is. They pretty much serve up all kinds of statistics on who has hit your blog site. I was pleasantly surprised at the page hits I've gotten on my 2 posts. Of course, many of those were probably me obsessing over it.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am the biggest data geek there ever was. I love analyzing data and looking for pearls of information in it. I sometimes think about data and math in my head to go to a happy place. Ok, that's is really just sad to see in words.

That's why I always run with either my garmin or iPhone logging my miles. Sometimes I never look at it but I love to know that there is an odometer ticking away and I can analyze how far or fast I've gone if I want to.

Side note 1: When I'm having a crappy or boring run or drive home, I will often start doing math problems involving my pace and distance to see how fast I need to go to bring my average pace down to some point.

Side note 2: Good gravy! My calves are very tender today.

Back to folding laundry. Good night.

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