Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm a complete slug.

I'm sitting on the couch like a total slug. Watching hockey and debating my third glass of Wine.

I had a fleeting thought of lacing up the shoes at about 8 o'clock and I probably should have listened to that thought. Instead, the Bruins came on and the black hole that is my couch unleashed it's irresistible gravitational pull.

I've only logged 3miles since the half Mary. It wasn't really because I was hurting. Life just interrupted this week.

On a really cool note, 3/4 of the Durty Feets will be racing next weekend in Sutton. Pam has actually agreed to let me run with her in her first 5k as long as I don't try to coach. I'll definitely file a report on that race unless I get stabbed or pushed in front of a car for not keeping my mouth shut.



  1. hope to see you there if i can remember to register for it!

  2. If you care about a shirt, it needs to be postmarked by Saturday.