Sunday, May 29, 2011

My First Barefoot 5K

Ok, so I'm not a barefoot superhero and this wasn't a marathon but....
Today, I did my first full race barefoot. I didn't even bring bail out shoes.

The race was a nice local deal on the Cape Cod Canal in the fog. I ran with my friend Amy, her sister Kristi, and Kristi's fiancé Steve.

I had a blast and finished the 5K in 26:56. It was really fun to be the only barefooter in the race. I guess this was my best chance of winning a barefoot class. Unfortunately, there was no barefoot class.

I also wore a giant patriotic hat to add to the WTF quotient as I cruised on by people in my best barefoot running form.

Luckily, my family and friends didn't run away in embarrassment.


One more note on superheroes: Congrats to The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy for his Barefoot Marathon today.

Location:Buzzards Bay, MA

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