Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Shoe Obsession

In July 2010, I bought a pair of Vibram Five Fingers KSOs. This was the start of the problem. I started running cautiously on them as I'm a geek and had read a ton about transitioning to a minimal shoe. I also started experimenting with barefoot running at about this point.

This was great for running since knees felt better in the no heel or zero drop shoes but I soon discovered that regular shoes (with a standard heel lift of 1/2 inch or more) really were not that comfortable. My favorite motorcycle and cowboy boots are now painful to wear.

Minimal shoes or barefoot should mean that I bought less shoes, right? WRONG!

Including my vibrams, I have purchased or made 5 pairs of minimal running shoes since July 2010. My latest is the Merrell Trail Glove

which are awesome on trails and decent on roads. I have also lost my ability to comfortable wear business shoes. I just bought my second pair of Vivobarefoot shoes

that can pass for business casual thanks to a 30% off coupon code. BOS11 if you are interested.

The only thing that stopped me from buying another pair of running shoes was my fear. Fear of Pam's reaction when she saw another shoe box from the UPS dude.

Maybe it's more of a fetish.


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