Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cure for hangover?

Pam was gracious enough to let me go on an annual trip this weekend.

Every year for the last 20years, friends from college have been descending on Martha's Vineyard for a good time. Mostly this means to drink beers and catch up with each other these days.

As is typical, those of us who arrived on Friday went straight to work on the beer supply. We then proceeded to go to a bar to watch the Bruins game. Naturally, more beer.

After the disappointing loss, we were sitting at the house and HBIII (Harold) decides we need a little Dr. McGillicudy for our sorrows.

Long story short: one bottle down and significant hangover on Saturday morning.

There go my grand plans for a long run on the beach. So i says to myself: "Self, might as well start in on the hair of the dog."

Well my buddy Q shows up grabs a beer, hears me lamenting my lost run and says "let's go!" This surprised me since running is fairly new for him. Go Q!

We set off at an easy pace around the ocean road and before I knew it, the hangover had been push way to the side. It was still there but it was sort of scowling at me from afar.

Q and I got to catch up on old times since we only seem to get together about 3times a year. We occasionally stopped to enjoy the view.

We got back to the house after a nice easy 4 miles and did what everyone in our situation would do... Proceed to drink more beer and do stupid things.

Not sure if it was the run or the hair of the dog but somewhere in there, I killed the hangover.

Disclaimer: the stunts and actions portrayed in this blog were performed by trained individuals under no supervision.

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME unless you want to.


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