Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The eve of my 10K Barefoot adventure

Life has recently nudged my running and blogging out of the way. Stanley Cup finals (Let's go, Bruins!), tee-ball, my family, my job, yardwork, and summer weekend trips.  All of the above things are a great part of my life and I'm happy they are there, except the yardwork.  It has been hard to even get in a few runs in the dark.

Tomorrow, I am running in Running With The Wolves 10K . I'll be running with great friends from long ago college days and new friends from the interwebs  I am slightly nervous....

You see, this will, hopefully, be my first 10K without shoes. As previously posted, I've done a 5K race barefoot and it was quite nice.

Unfortunately, the one time I tried 5miles, I was less successful. I'm telling myself it was the road conditions that were above my conditioning but this is the source of doubts.

I know I will make it across the finish, though, because I have the great fortune of running with local barefoot legends tomorrow. I recently joined the local barefoot meetup group, NewEnglandBarefootRunners.net, and posted this race for the heck of it. At this point, it looks like there will be 4 barefoot runners (Barefoot Todd, Preston, Jim, and Me) which will be awesome. I'm really looking forward to meeting these folks and sharing my experiences and hearing theirs.

Race report to follow.



  1. Have a great race!

  2. Thanks! Lots of nervous energy today with the barefoot and the Bruins.

  3. This is a great post, thanks for sharing it.