Friday, June 24, 2011

Review: SPIBelt-Small Personal Items Belt

This spring at the Cox Rhode Races expo, I was lucky to find a company called I had seen them online but wasn't really convinced enough to take the gamble.

I need to carry my phone while I run for my wife's peace of mind and because I like to have the iPhone camera available in case I see something awesome on the trail.  When I have shorts with pockets, I'm always freaked out that I will loose the phone along the way. Running clothes are unfortunately not designed with gear bearing in mind.

Enter the SPIBelt, which is short for "Small Personal Items Belt." It is really a well designed tool. It holds my iPhone perfectly snug and does not move or bouce around at all. There is extra room for a gu or keys too. The added bonus is now I have a pocket for when I'm running in my Stillwater Thrifty Kilt too.  Kilt review coming soon!
Glamour shot courtesy of
They clearly are photographers than your humble author

My SPIBelt model is water and sweat resistant so it is made from what looks like a thin neoprene. The pouch zips up to securely hold it's contents. The clipped belt is elastic and adjustable so it fits tightly without bouncing. When I bought mine, I was given small bungees and toggles to hold your race number rather than pin it onto your shorts or shirt.
You can see the SPIBelt holding my
iPhone and race number here.

At $24, it isn't the cheapest solution but it is really well designed and has served me reliably over the past 2 months. I take it on every run.

If you are looking for a small pocket, get yourself a SPIBelt.


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