Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Self soothing fun

I'm sitting here helping my lovely daughter RELEARN how to fall asleep. It was not a cakewalk the first time around at 14mos but she only took a few days. after that she was a great sleeper for the most part. Since then, we've had a few colds and ear aches that have required some tender care and snuggling.

About a week or two ago, Amanda, 17mos old, completely fell off the sleep wagon. She began waking at 10-11pm every night screaming. She would also wake sometimes at 2-3am. She has now apparently decided that she can't fall asleep at normal bedtime either.

We've ruled out all the likely causes like ear aches, teething, fever, etc.

It is now time to rely on low technology and my ability to, at least outwardly, turn my heart to stone.

It's, at least, somewhat entertaining this time around because some of the screaming vaguely resembles a long shoreman's vocabulary.

I really need to go for a run!


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