Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Injury update: First post with Blogsy

Back on December 4th, I did a monster faceplate during a lunch run.  The cause was toe meets railroad track.  In this case, I'm lucky I was wearing shoes as my Vivobarefoot Evo's absorbed the impact of the toe on steel.  My elbow and ribs did not fare so well.  The result was a fracture of the radial tip.  That's one of the bones in your forearm and the part I broke was near the elbow. Basically the left bone in the left most image below.  

The doctor told me to take it easy on it and work on getting my range of motion back.  He did not splint it or even recommend immobilizing it.  Unfortunate, he also said no running. 
Fast forward 2 weeks.

This is my X-ray from today.  The radial tip has not moved any further and I have essentially full range of motion. This mean I will not need surgery. Its not healed so I'm still not allow to do anything stupid or lift anything heavy. Try to explain that to my 2 year old daughter. I can start running again on 26 Dec and pretty much will be unrestricted in time for the Super Bowl. Yeah!
This post isn't really about anything in particular but I needed fodder to try out Blogsy for the iPad. It's not all that bad and without a doubt the best blogging app I've tried on the iPad. Thanks to barefootangiebee.com and all my other super blogger friends for the recommendations.


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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Looks like blogsy will work for you!!
    Super blogger...blush. Nah, just time to fill :)