Friday, April 20, 2012

We're not in Kenya so put some shoes on!

I run barefoot quite often when the conditions allow.  I'm not a barefoot zealot and quite frankly, I enjoy that little bit of protection that I get from my Road Gloves or huaraches.  That said, I love the feeling of running without shoes too, obviously.  

Barefoot running creates many different responses from folks as you run by with a smile on your face.  I've encountered 3 types of responses as of today.

Accepting or Awed:
I work in an industrial park and there are a few active people year round.  They all know me and have long since stopped whispering under their breath.  These people will generally smile and answer my always happy greeting. I'm sure they still think I'm nuts but they have written me off as that wacky shoeless dude.

Flippant or Snide Comments:
Typically these are the heal stompers at races or the construction worker along the road.  "Where's your shoes?"  "Watch out for the glass!"  "That guys is nuts."  "Why are you shorts so damn short?"  Many of you know this drill.

or Outright hostile:
For the first time today, I was "confronted" by hostility.  Don't get me wrong, this guy was not all up in my grill.  I had run by a landscaping crew and was about 100yds away when one of them unleashed this diatribe to his coworkers that was deliberately loud enough so I could clearly hear it:
Roughly quoted by fat dude who I'm assuming did not put on running shoes when he got done holding the mulch hose:  "They do that shit over there in India and Kenya.  They got dirt paths and desert that allows you to go without shoes.  We can't do that shit around here cause we got roads.  Put some shoes on!"

I was in way too much of a good mood to confront this guy it so I just glanced over my shoulder and waved.

The world is full of tools who think they know what's good for you. Screw em!


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