Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grassroots "Active-ism"


Last Sunday, we had a 5K in town run by the PTA. I had the honor of helping to organize it.

I had such a blast on Sunday pacing Matthew in his first 5K (He's only 6 yrs old) and just as much fun running with all the kids. I ran it barefoot and even made the local paper. What a rockstar, right? :-)

If you looks at the pictures of me taken at the kid's race in thedailynorthbridge.com, you can tell that I was really enjoying myself.

You can also see the joy in many of the kids' faces. Running doesn't have to be about "no pain-no gain." For me, there is a little bit of that childlike joy every time I run. I would love to get others to experience that joy. Please excuse me if that sounds cultish because I don't mean it to be.

Since starting with the PTA 5K thing, I've been looking for a way to stay involved in the town and encourage everyone to be active. I think if we can make running fun and give all the kids a mutual goal, they will eat it up. If the kids get excited, maybe they will get their parents more active too.

Today, I contacted an organization out of California called the 100 Mile Club (100mileclub.com) after reading about it on Pat Sweeney's facebook page.

Essentially, kids sign up to run 100 miles during the school year and they track their progress either in the classroom or associated with an extracurricular activity. The woman who created it, Kara, was a teacher and developed it in her classroom. They now have hundreds of "coaches" running programs all over the country. It seems like a really great program and I would love to see this in Northbridge. I contacted them through their web page today just to see if they do anything out here in the east. Kara called me back within 2 hours and was extremely nice and energetic about the program. Long story short, I have an info packet on the way.

I intend to present this idea to the PTA and School and see who salutes.

-Here's to an active town! Cheers!

Photo credits to Deb Gauthier of The Daily Northbridge and to my wife.



  1. Awesome Brad! And great article in the paper too! Let me know how the 100 mile club thing goes over. The running club at our boys elementary school attracted like 60+ kids.. compared to 15-20 at other schools, so I'm thinking it would go over well here :-)

    1. Thanks Jeff. I haven't really found my blogging muse but I can definitely say that working with people at the personal level is exceptionally rewarding.

  2. Super glad to be working with you and your kids...your group will be huge. :)


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