Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Running naked in the rain

It's 58 degrees and pouring and 8PM. I'm on day 93 of 120 days running challenge. I have to log a mile at least and I have a nice dry treadmill in my basement. I post on Facebook that I'm not looking to going out there. It doesn't take long before my crazy friend, whose opinions I value highly by the way, start saying "go out there!", "Running in the rain is awesome.", etc.

So, what's a crazy guy to do. Go run outside of course. Screw the treadmill.

Knowing that I was going to get wet, I went as naked as the conditions and the law would allow.

Short shorts, wind breaker, and sockless Trail Gloves.

I've run in the rain before but never at night in such heavy rain.

What a freaking blast! The rain on my legs, the soaked feet, and the sound of the rain amplified in the darkness.

Wet tshirt contest at the Durtyfeets house.

Go out there and run in the rain people!



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