Monday, June 4, 2012

A birthday run in your birthday suit - sorta


So it's your 41st birthday. You've had a pretty good day. The family had a small cake for you and now the kids are in bed. It is 50 degrees. It is drizzling like a Scottish moor and it is dark out.

What are you to do? <<Cue the Al Green music>>. Alright, yeah there is that but I am also on Day 119 of 120 days of consecutive running. There's a streak to maintain damnit. I've got to run at least a mile.

It's my birthday so I feel the need to go just slightly over the top.

So what do you do when it's rainy and cold and it's your birthday? Run in your birthday suit.... With a kilt on!

My Stillwater Thrifty Kilt is just a tad too big now that I've lost some weight so I had to wear a belt for insurance. It stayed up like a champ. Thank God because I forgot to wear anything underneath. :-)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes folks!

- Cheers!


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