Saturday, August 11, 2012

The summer of Shoes!

Summer of 2012 shall now be know as the Durtyfeets summer of shoes. In just the last week, three pairs of shoes have been delivered to my house for me. I will soon need to seek out local runners with Men12 feet looking to transition to minimal so that I can keep the collection manageable.

So far this summer, I've gotten:

Merrell Road Gloves. I did a prelim review on a pair I got from Jason but these are new. These have so far been my high mileage shoe.

New Balance Minimus Road Zero. Didn't like these at first but I've given them a few extra miles to break in and they have earned a spot in my rotation. Review coming soon.

Merrell Flux Glove Sport in blue and Merrell MixMaster2 in funky green. These just arrived last Thursday right before my vacation and I took both pair as my only running shoes without ever having run in them. I'm that comfortable with Merrell Barefoot shoe fit. I put about 20 miles on the Flux Glove and 6 miles on the MixMaster2 so far. I am impressed as usual and I know these will be in heavy rotation in my collection. Besides, that look freaking awesome. Review coming soon.

And last but not least, Original Luna Sandals with ATS laces were waiting for me when I got home today. I haven't run in them yet but I'm hoping to get some time in this week. Review is definitely coming.

My inner shoe geek is very excited. The shoe that would really cap off a great summer would be the Merrell Vapor Glove. That would be icing on the cake.

Now I just need to knuckle down and write some reviews.

- Cheers!


  1. Hello Brad,
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    All the very best to you and yours for the rest of 2012 and beyond Brad. Look forward to hearing from you...


  2. Quick question, do the Merrell Flux Glove Sport share the small but pronounced bump below the arch like the Road Gloves? Between the two, which has the more comfortable upper? Thanks!

    1. I'd say the fit is almost identical to the RGs. They share the same sole config. Maybe I'm used to the bump but I don't actually notice anything.

      As for the upper, I'd say it's a usage call. The Flux Glove is much closer to the trail glove upper. A bit heavier, slightly warmer, and probably more durable. The RG upper is light as hell. The lacing is different too. I'm still breaking in the Flux Gloves and figuring out how to tie them but I expect I'll succeed.

      I have about 40miles on the Flux Gloves so far and I like them. I have hundreds of miles on Road Gloves too. I run about 50/50 roads and trails and most of the trails aren't all that technical or slick. With that usage, if I could only have one pair of running shoes (thank God this is not the case), I'd pick the Flux Gloves. They have a sole that works great on/off road and the upper is a bit more durable for the trails. The lacing is not Omni-fit like the Trail Gloves but I think I can come close to my Trail Glove fit once I learn how to tie them right.

      Hope this helps. I'm hoping to get a review up on these fairly soon.

      BTW, my favorite casual shoe by far. Great colors.

    2. Thanks for the quick reply; it definitely helps. I run in a very warm climate and plan on using these solely for road running (already own the Trail Gloves), so it sounds like the Road Glove wins over the Flux Glove Sport.