Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Excuse me whilst I strut

Please excuse me while I blow my own horn.

Today's lunch run started like any other.  About 75 degrees but overcast and very humid and pretty windy.  I was just planning to go out for 4miles at my normal easy pace which these days is 8:30 or so.

My garmin was fluky early in the first mile and didn't really grab the right distances but settled out by about a 1/2 mile in.

For the first mile I was just running.  Started out creaky as I do every day but somewhere along the way I realized I was flying and it was easy.  Like I was coasting.  When my watch beeped at one mile I just kept it up enjoying the feeling. 

Mile one to two:  Still feeling good with only a little effort.  My pace was hovering around 7min/mile plus or minus and I couldn't believe it.  Along the way, I started to wonder what would happen if I pushed it for a mile.  The watch beeped at the mile 2 split and I glanced down and my split was 7:02.  WTF?  That was by far the fastest mile I've ever run.

Mile two to three:  I still felt damn good so I decided to drop the hammer as much as I could.  I was working pretty hard and definitely was not at a conversational pace.  My form, however, still felt pretty neutral and free wheeling.  At the mile 3 beep I looked down and almost fell over.  6:34 minutes!!!!!

Where the hell did that come from? I gave myself a well earned cool down and headed in with a giant smile on my face.

End of horn tooting.


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