Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Parkour looks fun or "My next midlife crisis?"

Despite what my lifestyle and blog might suggest, I HATE exercising.  I don't do exercising for exercise sake.  I only run because I find it fun.  I messed around with at-home crossfit workouts a few time but I never got comfortable enough with it to find it fun.

Parkour looks like FUN!  Jumping over stuff, climbing like a monkey.... WOW.

Parkour (French pronunciation: ​[paʁˈkuʁ]) (abbreviated PK), also called as the "art of displacement",[1]is a training discipline that developed out of military obstacle course training.[2][3][4]
Practitioners aim to move from one place to another, negotiating the obstacles in between. The discipline uses no equipment and is non-competitive. A male practitioner is generally called a "traceur", a female a "traceuse".

Check this guy out...

Now, I have no illusions that I can do that crap.  That is batshit crazy.

This next video, however, really looks achievable and fun.

Enter this blog post to further a new percolating obsession... breaks it down into an easy to digest almost doable package that really intrigues me to the point where I was practicing rolls on my living room floor.  OUCH.

I don't want to do anything insane here.  I just want to run up a wall like I'm the lovechild of spiderman and Jackie Chan.

How about you?  Do you parkour?  Are you starting a midlife crisis too?



  1. I am pretty sure that even the "tame" video was shot after the runner had gone through the course multiple times.

    If only we had outtakes of the earlier runs!

  2. i like the parkour sport and i will join the parkour courses. thank for sharing the more information of parkour freerunning sports and technique.