Friday, February 8, 2013

Pre-blizzard Hijinks

I'm sitting here nice and warm in my house waiting for the power to go out. There are approximately 14 inches of snow on the ground already and the weather peeps are predicting another million inches before the storm blows out tomorrow afternoon. Because of all the hype, everyone either "worked from home" or got out early.
Since we'll have a gazzillion feet of snow on the trails tomorrow and they will not be runnable, I needed to get out this afternoon before the 2-3 in/hr snow started. What I really needed was a special kind of crazy friend to come out and play. Turns out, I have at least 4 other crazy friends who were more than excited to get out there and make some snotsickles. Throw in a GoPro Camera and a flask of some amber liquid and you have a great way to spend the afternoon.

Brilliant! Be safe everybody. Don't hurt your back shoveling.

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