Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wide Striding on Pi Day

I'm an engineer and a geek and March 14th is Pi Day. You know Pi=3.14 and March 14th = 3.14.

In honor of Pi day, I skipped my rest day for a Pi Day run.

I ran Pi miles (stopped at 3.14 but the stupid Garmin rounded up) and it was a chilly 10*Pi degrees. I ran for 7*Pi minutes at a pace of 2.2*Pi min/mi.

Along the way, I was concentrating on wider strides and engaging my hip abductors and butt. Basically, pushing outward with my hips at the end of my stride. Think speed skating motion. The result was really cool. It was like shifting into overdrive. If you are interested reading more, Check out this article in by Joe Uhan

Going Wide: The Role of Stride Width in Running Injury and Economy

How about you, did you run on Pi day? Have you tried focusing on a wider stride or engaging your hip abductors?

- Cheers!

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