Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Durtyfeets Trail Series with MRA Multisport

2013 was the inaugural year for the durtyfeets Trail Series with MRA Multisport.  We had three trail races at three different venues in the Blackstone Valley.

I'm pleased to announce that I am once again working with Alex and Meg at MRA Multisport to bring you the 2014 durtyfeets Trail Series.  In 2013, all our races were in the summer.  This year, we have a winter, summer, and a fall race.

Our first race is on Saturday February 8th at Wallum Lake in Douglas, MA.  The race starts at 5PM so a portion of it will be in the dark.  Headlamps are mandatory.  The course is 7k (just about 4.5mi for metricly challenged) on hopefully snow covered and star lit trails.  The course itself is mostly non-technical for this race since we didn't want to add sketchy footing and rocks to the potential snow and definite darkness.  Race registration is $15 pre and $25 day of.  We will also have fire pits going down by the beach at the main venue so bundle up the kids and bring along a picnic for post-race fun.

Registration links and details for the other two races are located at this link:

Sign Up Today! and don't forget to check out all the other cool events from MRA Multisport and please "like" the Trail Series page on Facebook.

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