Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Longest Race Yet

This Sunday is International Barefoot Running Day. It is also the date of the Providence Half marathon which I am running with my cousin and fellow "Running Boob" Kyle. This is his first race and my longest race.

My goal for this race is to finish and have a good time. My mantra is basically "If I'm not smiling, I must be working too hard." Basically, Have Fun! One of my strategies for this will be to run easy. Probably something just north of a 2hr time. The other is to start toward the middle back so I can pass people. That's always way better than getting passed.

I will be wearing my Merrell Trail Gloves since my max recent barefoot mileage is 3mi and I've never seen the course. I do, however, intend to represent and lose the shoes for the last 2-3miles in honor of the 1st Annual Barefoot Running Day.

I'll also be taking my oldest, M, to the kids "marathon" on Saturday which should be fun.

So.... That's it for my first post. Pretty lame I know. I'd like to thank OTMommy pushing down the blog road even though she really did nothing other than start posting great on her blog.