Saturday, March 22, 2014

Boston Marathon 2014

I've been asked a ton about how my marathon training is going by folks at work.

I'm not running Boston this year. I ran it last year because I had promised myself that if a number ever fell in my lap, I would do it. I was fortunately enough to get a 2013 number through Tri-Valley Frontrunners. There are a number of reasons for me to sit this one out. Mainly, I wasn't all that excited to run it again right away regardless of the events and I didn't want to take a number from someone else in my running club who wanted the experience. I'm not fast enough to qualify so I need to get a number through a charity or one of the very limited number through my club.

To be honest, training for Boston through the winter is not very fun as many of my friends will attest. My 2013 training experience was cold and lonely and took a ton of time away from family activities. Most of my marathon race day experience was great and I will do it again but I knew even before the chaos hit that it wouldn't be 2014.

I'd be lying if I said there wasn't fear some fear involved in the decision. I'm not worried about another bombing or anything though the images do occasionally flash back on me while running by myself when I let them. My fear is mostly that my family will be worried about me (even more than usual when running stupid long distances). I'm also slightly concerned (yes, afraid!) about what will go through my head when I next run down Boylston to the finish. I've never been comfortable in crowds and my experience last year has not made me any more at ease.

I have no doubt I'm strong enough and I will do it again some day soon but I think I would really rather spend the day with my wife and kids and celebrate life and the marathon experience with them this year.

I'm incredibly proud of all of my friends who are kicking butt in their marathon training and part of me wishes I was out there logging the miles with you. All of you will do great on race day and I'll be cheering for you.

- Cheers!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Review: Skora Core Minimal Running Shoe

The Skora Core are great.  They were provided by the manufacturer and Miles to Go Sports in Sutton, MA just before we were to leave on a recent trip to Disney World.  I brought my Altra Instincts (Review here) and the Skoras.  I never even bothered with the Altras.   The Skora are right up my alley.  They had superb ground feel and fit really well without having to lace them up too tightly.  I wore them all day long through all the parks.  We probably logged 4-5miles walking each day and I never felt tired.  In fact, my feet felt great.  25-50% of my miles were also spent as a beast of burden with my 50lb daughter on my back.  I reluctantly wore them on a water ride because I had no choice.  They came out looking like new.

From a running perspective, it was pure pleasure.  Since I got my first pair of Merrell Trail Gloves (reviews here and here) long ago, minimal shoes have slowly been creeping back to more and more cushioning and structure.  Walking around in the Skora Core was like old home week for my feet.  These shoes are incredibly flexible and nimble.  Every little bit of undulation in the ground is right there for your feet to revel in.  For me the fit of my size 12s was perfect.  They just formed to my feet and stayed there without having to mess with the lacing too much.  I think that was the supple goat leather.  It was like running in slippers.  I was only able to run on a paved path in Disney but I put about 8 miles on them.  It was not all that hot (70-75 max) but I can tell you that my feet never felt warm.  I'm interested to see how these will do when the temp starts to climb into the summer.  

Since that Disney trip in January, I have logged every single mile that I've run in these shoes.  I probably have 150-200 miles on them through some really crappy New England winter conditions.  Slush, frigid temps, puddles, snow, road salt, everything.  They still pretty much look like new and they handled everything I threw at them including glare ice patches.  I'm looking forward to some light trail miles on them too but I can't find the trail through all the snow.  You really can't go wrong with these shoes for winter running even in the dark.  The reflective silver is so insanely good that it occasionally distracts when you catch it out of the corner of your eye.  Even in broad daylight, I have fellow runner comment about it.  

Being that they are almost completely unstructured with no cushion at all, these are definitely not shoes for someone who is not committed to safely transitioning to barefoot/neutral style running.  Having already gone down that road, I'm in LOVE.  

More miles to go on these without a doubt.

If you'd like to research the Skora Core or any of their other fine shoes, please have a look on the Skora web page. (Link)

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- Cheers!