Sunday, November 6, 2011

A new reason to go minimal! Never before published

OK...  This is a little bit of an unconventional benefit but I discovered it today.

It's fall here in New England and I was out blowing leaves in my yard wearing my Vivobarefoot EVO II's.

I also have a dog.  Jasper leaves presents that are well camouflaged in the leaf litter so you inevitably step in poo while doing the fall cleanup.

The EVO's I was wearing have great ground feel and very minor treads.  This ground feels allows proprioception which is what allows you to react to irregularities like stones and loose ground while running.

Dog poo feels just like uneven ground.  I found myself instinctively unweighting the unfortunate foot when I would step in it.  When you combine this with almost flat EVO tread, I was almost poo invincible!  Most of the poo just stayed on the ground with an EVO tread print on it rather than attach to my shoe.

This is definitely another case where minimal shoes beat out barefoot by a mile!


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