Friday, January 3, 2014

Slo Mo Ninja running

Since it is ridiculously cold here in New England, I have been forced onto the treadmill today. I don't usually mind running on the mill too much but it can get boring.


Tonight, I jumped on for a quick 5 miles and decided to play with the slo-mo video mode on the iPhone.


Normally on road, my gait is ninja quiet. It's not possible to do that on my treadmill but I can assure you I think this is pretty close to a normal gait for me.


This video was taken about 35min into the workout. There are three sections. First is 8.34 pace. Second is 7:30 pace. Third is 6:40 pace.


I was surprised by how consistent it looked. I must be doing something right.


What do you think? Any pointers?



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