Friday, July 8, 2011

Huaraches Update

I really love running barefoot. The sensation of your bare feet on cool pavement is awesome.

Cool is the optimal word. At the moment, it is friggin hot around here. It has been approaching 90 deg for each of my lunch runs this week. The resulting asphalt temps make it waaaayyyy too hot for barefoot and the thought of shoes and socks is equally unappealing.

So I decided to give my "invisible shoe" style huaraches another go. I did some Internet research on tying methods and decided to try the "traditional" Tarahumara way.

This was 10x better than my former "slipon" tying experience. I still got a little hot spot in the tender area in the crook of my toe but I think I can remedy that with wider leather laces. And I was hot and tired so my form was crap. I'm also not sold on how floppy my sandals are. I'm thinking of getting a thrift store leather coat or skirt and gluing on a top sheet.

I should probably just bite the bullet and get some Luna Sandals from Barefoot Ted but I will experiment a little first. Besides, my Evo IIs just arrived and if I order more shoes, I will have a fork embedded in my skull.

I think I can learn to love Huaraches and I'm willing to try and make my relationship work.


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