Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY TRX Straps for more fun at home

I don't belong to a gym. Frankly, I'm just too cheap and I find that I can get just as good a workout at home with functional fitness, yoga, and running.

TRX training has intrigued me though. Some of the ways you can work you muscles look very much like a functional training regimen. It looks pretty fun too.

Back to the cheap thing. $150 for a set of TRX straps???? Seriously?

Nothing a little research, some digging in my basement, $5 in hardware from Home Depot, and my tinkering engineer brain couldn't handle.

May I present to you my home made DIY not pretty durtyfeets straps.

Looks kinda kinky, right?

I had a set of cheapo blue cam buckle straps (tie downs) from JobLot. I had some extra white 1inch webbing and I had the screw gate carabiner at the top of the picture. A trip to Home Depot for the 1in PVC, 2 little aluminum biners, and a screw eye was all I needed.

The cam buckles are at the top attached to the screw gate biner to allow height adjustment. The handles and foot loops are made from the webbing I cut off the cam buckle straps. There are 2 square knots hidden inside the pvc to make the handles from a continuous piece of webbing. I had to fiddle around for about 20 min to get the loop heights correct but that was it.

To attach the whole rig, I installed a 3/8 screw eye into a beam in my basement.

That's it. If you had to buy all the materials, you are probably looking at less than $30.

Works like a charm.

If you want me to get into more detail, let me know.

- Cheers!